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CHOICEMMED Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor - BP Cuff Meter with Display - Blood Pressure Machine up 5.3"-8.5" Wrists - Blood Pressure Tester Kit with Case - Blood Pressure Gauge with Memory

  • Product Description

  • EASY TO READ AND USE: Easy to use blood pressure sensor with Oscillometric Measuring method shows date, time, and test results on a LCD screen clearly. Our aneroid sphygmomanometer comes with a blood pressure kit case
  • LIGHTNING FAST RESPONSE: Our blood pressure test kit responds quickly to your inputs and displays accurate information
  • EXPANDABLE SIZE (STANDARD): This BP Monitor has a standard sized wrist cuff that is able to be adjusted from 5.3"-8.5"
  • DETECTION: Our BP Apparatus is an automatic blood pressure arm monitor but it also is able to detect irregular heart beats and prompt you with an indicator
  • MEMORY: Our blood pressure monitor for women and for men will be able to store 120 data points of your historical blood pressure fluctuations readings with a time stamp of both the time and date. Battery powered (Not included)

  • Product Description
  • BP203 is a new model of ChoiceMMed auto digital wrist-type blood pressure monitor, intended for non-invasive measuring adults' systolic, diastolic blood pressure and heart rate.Detect users' irregular heartbeat. Its greatest improvement is 2 users mode, two users can use it to monitor and store blood pressure data up to 120 pieces.Ideal for family use.

    Meanwhile BP203 is an accurate, intelligent, convenient monitor.

    Accurate:Detect blood pressure by oscillograph method, all values are calculated by an average of the 3 most recent measurement.

    Intelligent:Color guide for assessing blood pressure level according to WHO BP classification help users learn their health status easily.120 memories recall with date and time function records blood pressure data during a period of time ,which is helpful for you to get specific advice from your doctor.

    Convenient:Bright LCD displays readings, easy to read.One-touch function, easy to use. Compact, easy to carry. Low battery indicator and automatically power off to help extend battery life. Package content: Monitor unit ,Users' Manual, Plastic Storage Case.

    Cuff circumference :Approx.75*300(W*L) mm,Fits wrist circumference 5.3"~8.5”(13.5-21.5 mm).