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Top TENS Units for Men and Women

January 13, 2022 8 min read

Top TENS Units for Men and Women

I know how bad it feels when buying a brand-new Tens unit with all the great expectations we expect to get from using it then on the day you notice one side of the product works well while the other does not or no current goes through the product or its pads. Sometimes it turns on and lets you select a mode/ time and then it just does absolutely nothing.

We all are familiar with the quote “what you pay is what you get” it is even more heart wrenching you find the product is not effective at all the unit stings a lot, it starts to sting before the muscle get worked on and feels like a thousand needles poking you no matter how the setting is, it is unbelievably painful and uncomfortable, not to mention having to see doctors several times and specialists due to the damages it caused and the skin gets scarred forever, what is supposed to heal and provide pain relief, hurts you.

The more disappointing part is after 2 to 3 times of use the products stop working, the sticky pads stop sticking when you use the product you end up having to hold them the entire time due to very weak tensity.

I went through all this pain to find the best Tens Units that solves the problem of pads not sticking well, products that live up to expectation, while using it the all experience is very comfortable with a very good life spam no need to buy the machine every one month like a magazine subscription.

The good part is the products are effective and the delivery is quicker than expected, the pulse is consistent.

Tens Unit are not one-size-fits-all. After testing all the major models, two stood apart from the pack. We’ve got the best options for families, budget shoppers and dedicated Tens Unit fans.

Top Best Tens Unit Massager

MIBEST Portable TENS Unit - Electronic Pulse Massager - Muscle Stimulator Machine for Women and Men - EMS Electrotherapy Muscle Stimulator - Electronic Pulse Stimulator

So portable and simple to use this device has many functions to choose from to ease the pain or aches you are having. Not very experienced with EMS and TENS, have been experiencing shoulder aches for years. This device is pretty effective in relieving pain, the whole family can use it for any/every ache and pain, easy to use and helps in releasing muscle tension & stiffness. In nearly every way, Mibest Portable Tens Unit will upend that reality and change your life. use it to relieve some nerve pains. Deep aches, knee sharp pains ceased the next day. Expect complete satisfaction with this massager device. The device has Long Life pads, the gel pads are great and solid and do not cause any irritation, a good product at reasonable price, simple to use and it’s a good size.


  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for families
  • Perfect company support
  • Prompt pain relief
  • Small, compact design
  • Full body massage



  • Some may think the electrode pads are not enough

About this Item

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. TENS electronic pulse massager is set up to excite and stimulate muscles and sensory nerves. You will have pain management and relief when the electrodes trigger natural pain gates, relaxing the area and releasing the tension.

Other feature include:

  • 10 levels of adjustable speed and intensity
  • low power usage
  • Compact and light weight



CHOICEMMED Portable TENS Unit - Electronic Pulse Massager - Muscle Stimulator Machine for Women and Men - EMS Electrotherapy Muscle Stimulator - Electronic Pulse Stimulator

There are so many benefits with the Choicemmed Portable Tens Unit, this device is absolutely necessary for anyone suffering from Chronic Pain. The machine looks sturdy and lasts a long time, the way to use it is to place the pads first on wherever the pain is (hands, feet, back). Then attach the ends of the cables to the pads and attach the other end to the tens machine, it is a safe, fast and easy way to bring down the inflammation. The replacement pads are quite cheap. Device is easy to operate and feels very sturdy, comes with pictures so you know where to put the pads. The pads are super sticky and almost hard to get off the plastic. This machine is a life saver, providing relief exactly where it is. The machine is easy to use, TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.


  • Effective pain relief
  • Easy to set up
  • Save money and time
  • Easier to use
  • Pocket size


  • Some may find it extremely light weight
  • Not wireless

About this Item

CHOICEMMED Portable TENS Unit electronic pulse massager is built to excite and stimulate muscles and sensory nerves. You will have pain management and relief when the electrodes trigger natural pain gates, relaxing the area and releasing the tension.

Many users found the unit helpful in relieving pain.

Other features include:

  • a lightweight design
  • a rechargeable power source
  • 10 levels of adjustable speed and intensity


TENS 7000 Digital TENS Unit with Accessories - TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator for Back Pain, General Pain Relief, Neck Pain, Muscle Pain

If having pain anywhere, you have to try this, use it anywhere you feel pain, neck, shoulder, knee, lower back, etc. The one more good thing about this device is most affordable and versatile Tens Unit with 5 different settings and easy 9V Battery. Having Herniated disk and sciatica for years this machine will up end that reality and give you pain relief.

The TENS 7000 TENS unit provides TENS therapy and is a muscle stimulator, nerve stimulator, and electric massager with independent dual channels that control four (4) TENS unit pads (electrodes) for targeted pain relief.

This device his intensity level, is adjustable from 0-100mA in 10mA increments, which is controlled by the respective knobs located at the top of the device, for both channels.

Other features include:

  • 10 intensity settings
  • battery-powered
  • a dual channel
  • 4 pack of reusable TENS unit pads(electrodes)
  • 1, 9-volt battery
  • Quick start guide instruction manual
  • Hard carry case


Tens Unit Machine Pulse Massager 24 Massage Modes Rechargeable Muscle Stimulator Device with 10 Pads

The NueMedics TENS unit has a huge LCD, a assemble-in rechargeable battery, and a protective stylish cover case.

This Device his Modes are clearly labelled as "Neck", "Shoulder","Back", "Elbow", "Hip", "Foot/Hands", "Knee", "Joint", "Acu", "Knead", "Tap", "Random" The large LCD display with new featured backlight shows you at a glance exactly what you need for your targeted area.

Great product People who bought this device praise its intensity, excellent battery life, easy to carry.

Other features that you can benefit from:

  • Up to 20 hours of continuous use
  • 24 pre-programmed massage modes
  • a pad holder
  • a dual channel
  • 2 Electrodes Cables
  • User's Manual,


Tens Unit Plus 24 Rechargeable Electronic Pulse Massager Machine Multi Mode Device with All Accessories [New Model]

Tens Unit Plus 24 Rechargeable comes24 massage modes, includes stimulation of Tapping, Acupuncture, Deep Tissue, Foot, Cupping and Combo. Adjustable 10 to 60 minutes timer.

Many users found the unit helpful in relieving. It Stimulates the muscles in order to improve and facilitate muscle performance hence help with the pain relief.

Other features include:

  • Rechargeable internal lithium battery.
  • Up to 20 hours continues use.
  • A-B Output allowing to use it as 2 separate users.


TENKER TENS EMS Unit Muscle Stimulator, 24 Modes TENS Machine for Pain Relief & Muscle Strength Rechargeable Electronic Pulse Massager(Not Fit TENKER Square Pads)

TENKER TENS EMS Unit is built with24 modes, using body simulation technology, bionic technology, bio-electric technology and intelligent microcomputer control technology to penetrate muscle groups deeper and more effectively.

In Additional, the device comes other features:

  • Adjustable Timer & Intensity
  • Dual Output Design for Multi-person Use
  • Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Portable Pocket-sized Pain Relief


AUVON Dual Channel TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator (Family Pack), 20 Modes Rechargeable TENS Machine with Huge Pack of 24 Pcs Reusable TENS Unit Electrode Pads (2"x2" 16pcs, 2"x4" 8pcs)

The AUVON TENS unit comesUp to 20 Modes. Pre-set modes offer you hammering, kneading, shiatsu and more choices to help relieve pain associated with aching and fatigue muscles in the shoulder, low back, knee from exercise, normal household or work activities.

The Device also has eight reusable electrodes and a dual-channel that allows the user to run different modes and intensities per channel.

Other features include:

  • Independent Mode Control
  • 24Pcs Industry-Leading TENS Pads
  • up to 10 hours of continuous use
  • a dual channel


TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator for Pain Relief, 4 Channels Etekcity Rechargeable Electric Pulse Massager for Back Shoulder Sciatica, Multi-Modes 8 Electrode Pads, OTC Electrotherapy FDA Cleared

Etekcity TENS Machine help manage pain issues and reduce pain and muscle soreness caused by conditions like back/shoulder pain, arthritis, nerve pain, joint pain, period pain, neck pain, knee pain, sports injuries.

This device comes with Function-specific buttons make it really easy to change settings in less than1 sec.

Other features that users can benefit from:

  • 4 utputs with Versatile Massage Modes
  • 8 Premium Pre-gelled Reusable Electrode Pads
  • Rechargeable & Timer Control


Xpoint Dual Channel Luxury TENS EMS Unit Muscle Stimulator | 16 Modes, 12 Large Electrode Pads | Back, Shoulder, Neck, Sciatica, Max Power Pain Relief Device, Rechargeable Physical Therapy | Black

Xpoint Dual Channel LuxuryTENS EMS Unit comes with time control feature and utilizes bioelectric and electromagnetic tech to help provide quick relief from muscle aches, joint pains, and tension. Fully charge the Xpoint before its first use to get maximum power.

Device is made of high-quality materials and includes Leather Dust-Proof Drawstring Storage Bag.

Other feature include:

  • The TENS unit has A/B dual channels
  • Offers 16 massage methods
  • 20 levels of massaging intensity

In addition, Xpoint Dual Channel Luxury TENS EMS Unit is excellent device present for long-distance drivers, athletes, seniors, or office workers who are constantly bothered by muscular and nerve pain.


TechCare Plus 24 Modes Tens Unit Massager Rechargeable Unit Electric Complete Set + Massage Belt + Reflexology Shoes Back Neck Pain

TechCare Massagers delivers low-voltage pulses to the skin to stimulate nerve fibers effectively blocking the pain signal to your brain. Also increases natural endorphins--a natural pain reliever.

With this device no more pain pills.

TechCare Massager complete set comes with Plus 24 Mode in 1 Dual A-B Massager Unit, 1 Controller, 1 Pair Reflexology Shoes, 1 Massage Belt, 6 Large Electrodes ( 3 PAIRS ), 2 Electrodes Cables, User's Manual, USB and Wall Charger, 1 Electrode Pad and Wire Holder.

Other feature include:

  • 24 preprogramed massage modes
  • Deep Tissue
  • Adjustable 20 to 60 minutes timer


What's the TENS unit used for?

TENS devices may relieve pain caused by many conditions, including:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Nerve pain
  • Labor pain
  • Menstrual pain
  • Arthritis
  • Sports injuries
  • Surgery
  • Wounds and incisions

Some People use TENS in physical therapy and pain clinics. Most hospitals also use them. Portable devices are also available to purchase for at-home use.

Are TENS Machines effective?

The research on electrical stimulators is varied. While TENS machines have been in use for decades, few quality studies have proven their effectiveness.

Literature reviews from 2008 Reliable Source and 2014Reliable Source both concluded that extra research was necessary. In addition, a Cochrane Review from 2019 found no evidence to either support or reject the use of TENS units among people who had chronic pain.

Are they FDA approved?

The FDA regulates TENS machines, which are considered medical devices. This means that manufacturers of these devices must meet certain standards to sell them legally.

Also, sellers cannot make false claims about the safety or effectiveness of these devices. TENS units that do not meet the FDA’s standards are illegal. They are more likely to pose safety risks.

Which option is best for you?

If you want to treat pain, a TENS machine may be helpful.

  • Under direction of a physical therapist
  • If you are recovering from a knee surgery

When purchasing, take the time to evaluate the device’s features, such as:

  • Portability
  • Battery life
  • output intensity

Before shopping, check the seller’s return policy and warranty options. Also, be sure to only consider units that are FDA approved.

Wrapping up

Out of these TENS Unit we discuss in this article my personal favourites are MIBEST Portable TENS Unit and CHOICEMMED Portable TENS Unit.

It is important to note that TENS is not curative. This means that it will temporarily ease pain while being used. However, it will not be used to heal injuries.


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