Knee Wrap & Ice Pack Wrap Kit (9 Piece Set)

    • ALL IN ONE WRAP KIT: The knee brace and ice pack wrap comes with a knee wrap attached with straps, ice pack wrap, 4 removeable gel ice packs, 2 straps for the ice pack wrap, and 1 strap extender. The knee brace wrap has pouches for 3 gel ice packs. The ice pack wrap is for 1 gel ice pack and can be applied on any body part. The nylon gel ice packs are leakproof, reusable, and designed to fit exactly in the knee brace and ice pack wrap.
    • HOT COLD THERAPY: The neoprene knee brace and ice pack wrap are effective for cold therapy and hot therapy by improving mobility and reducing recovery time. Cold therapy provides knee support and helps combat swelling and inflammation. Hot therapy can provide knee pain relief and treat muscle soreness and chronic pain.
    • FLEXIBLE FIT: The knee brace has flexible straps attached and the ice pack wrap comes with 3 flexible straps. The elastic straps help to reduce bulkiness and maximize comfort of the ice packs. The ice pack wrap can be applied on any body part such as a shoulder ice pack or elbow ice pack. Using the 2 straps and the strap extender, the ice pack wrap can relieve pain for many different areas.
    • NEOPRENE MATERIAL: The knee wrap and ice pack wrap are made from neoprene material. This makes the wraps latex free and lightweight and easy to provide knee support and pain relief. Additionally, the neoprene material provides durability from tears and leaks from repeated hot therapy and cold therapy. The knee wrap and ice pack wrap being made from neoprene makes it a great reusable option.
    • MULTIPLE AREA PAIN RELIEF: The knee brace can provide relief for many conditions. It can be used as an ACL knee brace, knee support brace, meniscus knee brace, compression knee brace, and LCL knee brace. The ice pack wrap can be applied to other parts of the body. It can be used as a shoulder ice pack, elbow ice pack, back ice pack, neck ice pack, and hand ice pack. The knee brace and ice pack wrap can help with minimizing damage, expediting recovery, and relieving pain.

    Customer Reviews

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    John Tee
    Perfect Size

    These are great for icing my vagus nerve while I’m having a panic attack. It’s the perfect size to put right on my chest.

    The best ice pack!

    This came to me right on time. I was having trouble with my meniscus and my knee was swelling up bad daily. This combination was the answer. The individual ice packs get very cold and last for a good amount of time. It’s just enough material between the ice pack and your skin not to burn. The pack wraps completely around and even has a pack that goes behind the knee, complete coverage. Absolutely the best ice pack for your knee or back.Highly Recommended

    adjustable fit, gets solid if left in freezer

    My daughter is a competitive swimmer and has had some knee pain recently. It is hard to get the cold therapy on her knee with a full size ice pack, and flat ones don't shape nicely to her knee.This is on the large side but with the velcro straps can be adjusted for size. Although the box says it can be used for heat therapy, recently the ones I have tried leak when heated so we have stuck to cold therapy. This works well when chilled in the fridge, or put in the freezer for short periods of time prior to use, but if left in it will freeze solid like other gel packs.This has a lot of flexibility in that it can be used on shoulders, lower back, etc. You just have to figure out how to adjust the straps. She finds it not as comfortable as packs that are designed specifically for knees (the ones with the holes in the kneecaps) but likes the flexibility that it offers.This arrived nicely boxed and I think would be a great gift for the athlete in your life. Definitely giftable packaging.

    Formable Ice Pack

    These are longer than your average ice pack and you can form them around anything like a knee or around your wrist. They freeze quickly and made of thick material. Great thing to keep in the freezer!

    Rich Bing
    Post surgery relief

    These work very well. I recently had surgery and needed to continually ice to relieve pain. These worked awesome and were very comfortable and easy to use. Stayed cold very long and did not need to rotate as often as expected.